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Thursday evenings from 7 pm - 8:30 pm


College is a time of immense growth and learning.  Habits, values, and beliefs are formed that will last a lifetime.  In many ways, our time in college has a great impact on the trajectory of our lives.  This makes plugging into a healthy church, and even a college ministry, vitally important.  PV College seeks to foster compelling community and Christ-exalting conversation all centered around the Word of God for individuals between the ages of 18-25.  We exist as a ministry to point students to Jesus through conversation and the Scriptures so that they might fall deeper in love with Him and proclaim the transforming power of the Gospel to the Northland and beyond.


College can be a fast-paced and turbulent time.  Life is too hard to go at it alone.  At PV College, we seek to connect individuals with one another in order to foster deep community and close friendships.  We believe that it is in solid community that we grow best and are sharpened most (Proverbs 27:17).  We seek to have compelling community; community that forces people to ask themselves what is different about us.  Whether it is our desire to have community that will reflect the reality of the New Heaven and New Earth (every tribe, tongue, and nation; Revelation 7:9) or our virtually unquenchable desire to love and pursue Jesus, we believe that in community we can have a profound impact for the Kingdom of God (1 Peter 2:9-10).


Within our desire for community comes a desire for Christ-exalting conversation.  We pray that our conversations each week would magnify God's name and would inspire each other to share the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.  Outside of the Scriptures, nothing drives our group meetings like conversation.  We seek to comfort, teach, sharpen, and encourage each other each week (Galatians 6:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:14, and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).  Conversation helps us build community and can help us to gaze more intently at the text we are studying.


We believe that the Bible is the holy, inspired, and inerrant Word of God (Psalm 119:160, John 17:17, and 2 Timothy 3:16-17).  Because of that, we believe that everything we do should be centered around the Scriptures.  God gave us His Word to teach, comfort, admonish, convict, and encourage us (2 Timothy 3:16-17 and Romans 15:4).  There is no more sure and steady guide than the Bible (Psalm 119:105 and Isaiah 40:8).

What to Expect

Students usually begin to show up around 6:50 pm - 7 pm.  We typically hang out until 7:15 pm.  At 7:15, we will pray and then dive into our study.  We often go through a book of the Bible throughout the course of a semester.  The group is set up in a large group Bible study format where students are gathered in a circle.  One of our ministry leaders will lead students through the text for the night (usually a chapter of Scripture).  While some teaching occurs, the majority of the Bible study is a large group conversation about the passage directed by one of our ministry leaders. We seek to wrestle with big ideas and questions as well as apply the passage and Gospel to our lives throughout our conversation.  Around 8:15 pm we will end the study and pray as a group for several minutes.  After this, the group is dismissed, but we usually stay around and hang out for a few more minutes.

Notes on the Ministry

While "college" is in the ministry's name (as that is the primary group of people we minister to), you do not have to be a student to attend.  We have had individuals who have attended vocational tech academies or have been working full time while they have been a part of PV College.
We firmly believe that while this ministry may be an extreme encouragement to students, it is not meant to replace fellowship and membership in a local church.  Even though PV College is a ministry of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, you are not required to be a member of PVBC to attend.  That being said, we encourage all students to become members of a local church, whether it is PV or another church.


Contact Caleb Eissler for the ministry's meeting address and more information about PV College
Cell Phone: 816-536-3482






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