Community Groups are the primary vehicle for ongoing spiritual growth and relational connection at PV. Therefore, there is always a need to begin new Community Groups for people to join and experience life change!  And along the way, there is no one who experiences that life transformation greater than the Community Group leader.  Check out Brett's story of experiencing that firsthand through leading...

Who is qualified to be a Community Group leader?

Many people believe you have to be an experienced group leader or an eloquent teacher to lead Community Group. However, the picture the Bible uses time and time again is that of a shepherd. Based on the role of the leader as a shepherd, these are some of the basic characteristics sought after in all group leaders:

• A growing disciple, willing to be mentored

• Foundational knowledge of Scripture, recognizing the Bible as the authority for their lives

• Humble, but available to leading others

• Have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group

• Ability and desire to shepherd and care for people in need

• Willingness to listen and provide godly counsel

• Past Community Group experience (preferable)

• A covenant member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church


What are the expectations of a Community Group leader?

• Create a predictable, small group environment

• Promote participation and invest in building relationships

• Shepherd your group members through the group life cycle

• Replace yourself by identifying and develop a qualified apprentice and embrace apprentice leader development as a measure of success

• Commit to engage in leadership development opportunities provided by the church (meet regularly with Community Director, attend RE:GROUP)

• For Married Community Groups both husband and wife actively participate in all group leadership activities, while recognizing that both will have different roles


What are the steps to becoming a Community Group leader?

1. Complete the New Leader Application. Contact Betty if you prefer to complete a physical copy.

Go to New Leader Application.

2. Contact Betty Flowers at 816.781.5959 x322 to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss group leadership.

3. Attend the next New Community Group Leader Orientation – a one-time training, offered periodically throughout the year.