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Whether you’ve had a daily devotional time for decades or this is your first run at it, PV wants to resource and equip you to have a meaningful, impacting quiet time with God. PV’s Time Alone is a daily devotional resource created to supplement your regular devotional reading, but if you’re new to this, then using the Time Alone as your primary quiet time resource is a great place to start. The Time Alone is designed to correlate with the prior weekend’s message so that you can process the topic all week long.

Reflecting on our Living Hope

Have you ever been so busy on a project at work or at home that you completely lose track of time, and then realize after several hours that you are exhausted? That’s your body and mind telling you that you need a break! It’s a good time to get up, grab a snack or take a short walk, and step back to look at the work you’ve been doing. A…

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Not Home Yet

It was a big deal the day I learned the difference between a house and a home. Of course, in an ideal world, every house would be a home, at least to someone. But what about the Church? Where is our home? Where is our kingdom? Where is our King? The comforts of America have probably distracted the Church here for far too long. But my guess is…

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Proclaim Your Living Hope

I cut him off in traffic.  He was in my blind spot and I moved into his lane without using a signal.  He honked and then quickly darted into the other lane.  I did a sheepish hand-wave once I realized my error and was embarrassed to say the least.  Then I could see him in my mirrors working to pull up beside me.  He was furiously flipping…

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There’s Hope….Now What?

We’ve all seen movies where the protagonist struggles to survive against all odds. And, in the darkest of moments, light breaks forth and hope prevails (or something dramatic to that effect). In the end, the character is saved, the screen fades to black and the credits begin to roll. But, have you ever wondered…now what? How has that…

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Living.Hope. Week 6

Do you associate the word “fear” with hope? How about “judgment”—is that congruent with hope? Or do these two words bring a different picture to your mind? How about “transience”? What on earth does that have to do with hope? This week’s passage in 1 Peter uses some words (or a variation thereof) that I would ca…

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Living.Hope. week 5


Holiness will be the focus of this week’s devotionals.  What is holiness, anyway?  What characteristics reflect holiness?  How do we emulate holiness in our walks with the Lord?  How do we maintain an attitude of holiness?

Memory Verse: Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your ho…

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Living.Hope. Week 4

What is hope? Where is it found? Can hope be stored up and reserved for the future? Several weeks ago, as we began this message series, Pastor Merle provided a definition of hope that will be helpful to review heading into this week. He described hope this way: “Hope is the confidence that what God has done for us in the past guarantees our…

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Living. Hope. Week 3

Our Faith: More Precious than Gold

Nobody enjoys trials.  It really doesn’t matter if they are financial, physical, emotional, or a nasty combination from all of the above.  They are downright dreadful.  But trials are common to the Christian experience; after all, even our Lord Himself endured the trial of the cross.  But how?  How…

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Living. Hope. Week 2

Christian counselor and author Larry Crabb makes this unsettling observation: “Disappointment is a chronic reality for the self-aware Christian.”  The truth of this statement compels the question: How then does one cope with this life? Not just the daily realities of living in a fallen world, but the real disappointment…the unmet thirst…

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Living.Hope. Week 1

“Hope” is such a weak word, isn’t it? We say “I hope it rains tomorrow” or “I hope he gets well.” All we mean, though, is we would like for it to rain or would like for him to get well. Some Christians even say “I hope I’m saved” because they aren’t sure of their eternal fate. So why did Peter use that word three times in…

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More Than, week 4

Have you ever witnessed a baby receiving his first round of applause?  Maybe he picked up a toy and put it in a basket when asked, so mom & dad let out a loud “Yeeeeaaaa! Good job!” along with clapping and smiles.  What’s a baby to do?  He keeps putting toys away…with each one, turning to watch and wait for the next round of…

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More Than: week 3

More Than what Happens to You

“#firstworldproblems” is a trending hashtag you may have seen on Twitter or Facebook. Or perhaps you’ve just heard the phrase spoken in conversation. It’s simply a response to someone complaining about trivial things. For example a friend might say, “They’re out of pumpkin spice latte?! For…

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More Than – week 1

YOU may have been a victim of identity theft. No, don’t call the bank or your credit card issuers. Your identity may have been stolen when you became an employee, a professional, a family member, a member of this group or that. The weird thing is that you probably are an employee or a professional, a family member, etc. But is that a…

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Jesus a.k.a. – week 4

What’s in a name?  Everything!  Romans 10:4 tells us “if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”  The title “Lord” is one of the most frequently used names of God and Jesus throughout the Bible.  What does it look like to acknowledg…

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Jesus a.k.a. – week 3

The soft light of a star and the dazzling light of a host of angels were fitting ways for God to usher in the birth of His Son.  Jesus, the Light of the World, came to dispel the darkness of sin and despair. His advent brought hope of new life to mankind. Let us take time this week to encounter anew the Light of the World.


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Jesus A.K.A. – week 2

A dark wooden cross hangs on the wall of my apartment. It hangs where I glance at it frequently.  The words: Creator; Lord Almighty; El Shaddai; Redeemer; Everlasting God; Almighty One; King of Glory; God the Father; My Rock; Most High; Only Wise One; Savior; Righteous Judge; I Am; Our Dwelling Place, and Holy One engraved on this cross…

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Jesus A.K.A. – Week 1

“It’s time!”  These words from an expectant mother panic the soon-to-be-father. “It’s time.”  These words make the adrenaline flow when our opportunity comes. “It’s time.”  These words come gently from a bride to her nervous father as she hears the opening strains of “Here Comes the Bride.”  We’re time-conscious…

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Doxology, week 5

Over the course of this series, we’ve learned that a doxology is a response to God, about God, that contains three elements: a word of praise to God, an expression of his infinite nature and an acknowledgement of what he will do. A doxology is a form of worship, and worship to God is played out throughout our words and actions within our…

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Doxology, week 4

In this week’s devotionals we’ll examine some components of doxologies that shape our praises and thanksgivings: Divinity, Delight, Discipline, Difficulties and Daily Details.

Memory Verse: Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable His judgments and untraceable His ways! For who has…

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Doxology, week 3

When I go for walks, I have to remind myself to look up.  I’ve noticed that my tendency is to watch the pavement or trail, and when I do that, my mind automatically thinks about the things that concern me.  But when I look up, my heart turns from myself to God.  I see what He has created and I am in awe.  This week, let’s start a…

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