Married4Life encourages Five Star marriages by equipping couples with resources to help them grow together in Christ. Our vision is that we:

1. share God’s plan for marriage
2. support couples seeking to grow a relationship that lives out God’s plan for marriage
3. serve couples with a quality, relevant marriage ministry.

What is marriage mentoring?

Any marriage has adjustments to make and things to learn. Sometimes these are simple adjustments and sometimes complex adjustments. Learning either comes by understanding, through new experiences or through painful experiences.

Marriage mentors are people just like you: real people with real marriages and real life struggles or issues. None of us is exempt!

These mentors are Christian couples who have made themselves available to other marriages to befriend, encourage and seek solutions. Our mentors are not professional counselors; they are Christian encouragers who will walk alongside you, confidentially helping you put your marriage puzzle together.

PV Marriage Mentoring has two types of mentor couples. The first type works with engaged or newlyweds. The second type works with established marriages that are growing, struggling or want help to be better.

Prevention: Marriage Starters
Engaged and/or newlywed couples are people who have a new puzzle to put together. Each piece must be looked at, evaluated and placed in the right part of the picture. Our desire is to help you form a great, enjoyable and God-honoring marriage. Too many young marriages end in perpetual conflict or divorce. There are no winners in those situations. We provide couples who can help you put your puzzle together and help prevent this kind of outcome.

Growth: Marriage Builders
Growing marriages are like a puzzle that has:
• never been completely put together from the box or
• been intentionally torn apart or
• fallen off the table and broken apart or
• a few pieces missing.

Our true desire is to help you form solutions so you can pick up the pieces and create the complete picture that the puzzle was meant to be. We believe marriage is the God-given way to have a positive, enjoyable and secure family life. Our mentor couples will encourage you in this process. They will work alongside you and your spouse to form strong solutions.

How do I sign up for marriage mentoring?
You may sign up to receive marriage mentoring by:
Picking up a Marriage Mentoring Packet at the Family & Care booth in the Connection Center in the main east foyer.
Calling the church office, 816-781-5959, ext. 209.
B. The Marriage Mentoring packet includes an agreement form that must be completed and signed by both husband and wife.
C. You will be paired with a mentor couple as soon as one suitable for you is available.

For more information, contact Shannon Redford at 816-781-5959 x209.

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