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Description- A PVBC Community Group Leader is responsible for guiding a group of 8 – 15 adults into a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ as they foster an environment of authentic community.

For more information, contact Josh Herod, or Betty Flowers,, 816.781.5959.



Leaders, Listeners and Game Leaders

There is a need for assistance in all ages on Wednesday nights.

A committed believer who spends time encouraging, motivating
and challenging the children to memorize verses, focus on their weekly lesson and participate in their game time activities.

Listener: Assist the Leader in all Awana activities.

Game Leader: Coach and encourage club members during Game Time.


Help with infants every week or every other week. All worship hours available.

Infants or Toddlers
Help with infants or toddlers every week or every other week. All worship hours available.

Assist in a preschool classroom. All worship hours available.

For more information, contact Patty Sinnett at 816.781.5959 x221.
All volunteers who serve with children and youth must pass a background check. Please download the following application and manual.
1. Application to work with children and youth. Thank you for taking time to complete the forms. They are very important for not only the protection of our children and youth, the safety of our kids, but also for you.
When completing the address section of the Neglect/Criminal Record form, please include the county and how long you lived at each address. This will help the processing time tremendously. Thank you!
2. Child and Worker Protection Manual


Paint Team
Do you enjoy painting? The Paint Team has opportunities to serve the first and third Tuesday each month.

Monday Cleaning Team
Help clean and organize the church building after weekend services: straighten chairs, wipe tables, dust, vacuum, etc. for about two hours. Great time to meet other ministry partners and develop a Community Group-type atmosphere.

Monday Morning Men’s Team
As a ministry partner on this team, you would do various safety inspections and audits of the church facility such as fire extinguisher inspections, emergency lighting, risk assessments as well as general reviews of the building’s condition.

Garden Ministry
Reach out to our community via fresh produce by serving in the on-site garden, free farmers market or providing produce from your own garden.

Landscaping Team
Help design, plant and care for the flowerbeds and other landscaped areas on the church grounds. Includes planting flowers in the spring, insuring areas are trimmed and weed-free during the year and removing old plants and flowers in the fall.

Lawn & Turf Care 
Help keep the grounds mowed and trimmed using church-owned tractors, mowers, weed-eaters and other methods. The church grounds are divided into sections, and each person on the team will be assigned an area he or she would like to adopt as a group or individually.

For more information contact the Facilities/Operations Ministry Assistant Linda Rouse,, 816.781.5959 x208.

Linda Rouse

Family Resource Center Hosts and Hostesses
Serve on weekends before and/or after services at the Family Resource Center to answer questions that visitors might have


GO Booth Team Member
Greet Pv’ers who drop by the GO booth to ask about serving and sharing opportunities.

Community Group Coordinator
Work with Pleasant Valley community groups to engage them in mission partnerships and projects.

Ministry Connection Assistant
Work with ministry connector to follow up with potential volunteers to find their place of service.

For more information please contact Debbie Mora,, 816.781.5959 x201.


First Contact and Shuttle Team
Warmly welcome people in our parking lots and provide assistance as needed. Shuttle Team drivers serve on Sunday mornings and have a CDL license with passenger endorsement.

Welcome Center Hosts
Hosts are a friend – not just friendly. Escort guests to the Worship Center and other areas in the building.

Care for the people in the Worship Center, take the offering and serve the Lord’s Supper.

Coffee Team
A team that is passionate about coffee and Christ. This team serves on a rotation basis to make and serve coffee on Sunday mornings in the Connection Center.

For more information, contact Ryan Long,

Office For more information please contact the church Receptionist, Evevon Power,, 816.781.5959.


Courtesy Team:
Specially trained team to respond to emergency situations and to observe and respond to circumstances that might affect people’s safety.

Medical Response Team:
Medical professionals who are trained to respond to health-related emergencies on campus.

Law Enforcement Team:
Active law enforcement officers who would assist with weekend security.

For more information, contact Karen Deason,, 816.781.5959.


What does the Liberty Campus Serving With Style Team do?
Support, encourage and serve ministries in event planning. The team provides food, decorations and hospitality for ministry events ranging from small meals to church-wide receptions for several hundred people. For details, contact Karen Deason,

This team assists PV ministries in any way necessary to accomplish ministry. Variety of opportunities include facility care, data entry, special events, community outreach and many others. For more information, contact Linda Rouse, 816.781.5959 x208.Whatever It Takes (WIT) Team


Choir Members
Join the choir or orchestra for weekend services and special services throughout the year.
Freshman in High School and up.

Contact Vicki Hostin for more information about this program and the positions that might be available, or 816.781.5959 ext. 228


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