Sola Sermon series

From time to time nearly every person asks questions about faith and religion. It seems like the more cluttered life is the more uncertain our faith can be and the more questions we tend to ask. Some questions are harder to answer than others. In our new message series, “Sola: five pillars of a growing faith” we are going to look at five timeless, biblical truths of Christianity that God has used to form and reform His church. These core biblical truths will anchor our faith in times of uncertainty and provide us with greater understanding so as to explain the Christian faith to those who are asking questions. Join us for this five week series that begins the weekend of March 2/3.

March 2/3 – Soli Deo gloria – glory to God alone
March 9/10 - Sola scriptura – by Scripture alone
March 16/17 - Sola gratia – by grace alone
March 23/24 - Sola fide – by faith alone
March 30/31 - Solo Christo – through Christ alone



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