First, congratulations! At PV, we value marriage as a covenant between a man and woman and are committed to walking alongside you as you continue to grow your relationship with one another and with God. We are honored that you’re considering to get married here.


Second, we want to help you build a solid foundation for life and help equip you with resources that will get your marriage started on the right foot. As part of our wedding process, we ask that you take one of our premarital classes as a prerequisite to getting married at PV. Our team of staff and volunteers are excited to be part of this exciting time in your lives.


Third, every bride needs an assistant to make sure everything runs smoothly on her big day, so we provide each couple with a wedding planner as part of the wedding package. Your planner will help you determine many of your big decisions such as the venue locations for your wedding and reception. We have a few different venues within the church where you can hold your wedding, including the Chapel and Worship Center. And, once you say “I do,” we have a variety of rooms where you can celebrate and host your reception, if you choose.


For more information about the entire wedding process, give our Event Coordinator, Deborah Cross, a call at 816.781.5959 x225 or send her an email at Deborah will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you line out everything you need to start the wedding process at PV.



We want to walk with you through your season of grief. The death of a loved one comes with a flood of emotions and the thought of planning a funeral can feel overwhelming. At PV, we have a team of staff and volunteers equipped to assist you in piecing together a fitting service that honors, celebrates and remembers your loved one. We will help you through the process of deciding what elements are included in the funeral, who should officiate and whether the service is held at PV or somewhere else.


Along with assisting in the funeral arrangements, we also want to care for you and your family during this difficult season. We have several team members available to listen as well as a few grief studies that can help you navigate this season of grief.

 To start the process, please give us a call at 816.781.5959.